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I’m building my first niche website, and of course I had to do a lot of research before I even started. It’s not my first attempt – I already tried to make two of these in the past, but I gave up cause I didn’t really have a clue and didn’t do any market research. So now I found keywords that are searched for a lot but they’re not competitive. (I’m not gonna say what they are at this point.) Before I began, I wanted to see how other people made their niche blogs, so the niche site duel they have over at smart passive income was quite useful for that. The technical bits like setting up the blog and getting backlinks and traffic are nice, but the most difficult step for me was finding a niche that will work and that I find interesting. And that last part was very important to me. I had no idea what a possible topic for a niche website would be, so I compiled a list of those from the duel:

Niche Site Duel Niches:

XBox 360 Repair (-Guide)
Starcraft 2 guide
oil change coupons
learning to play guitar
P90X review
Security Guard Training
Diabetic shoes
Stop Snoring/Sleep Apnea
pua game
slideshow software
time lapse photography
kettlebell training/exercises
telemedicine companies
arizona bark scorpion
raw food juicing
frugal living

(I’m too lazy to link to them.)

Since my plan is to make money online without spending any (until I actually start making enough), my niche blog is hosted on free webspace and has a domain, which is also free. This might mean that it’ll never make any money, but we’ll see. I’m monetizing the site with amazon associate links and AdSense.

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