The Importance of Keyword Research

I said in my last post that I’m looking into keyword research, so now I’m gonna explain here what I found so far. First of all, keyword research is a lot more important than I thought it was. I used to think that backlinks are way more important than anything else when it comes to search engine optimization and traffic. I focussed on building backlinks from social bookmarking sites and article directories without realizing that the visitors from these sites, should there ever be any, won’t really be interested in my content. I mean, do you go to these sites to learn something specific or get an answer? I don’t. I just google it. So that’s why pagerank is so important. You’re interested in organic traffic from search engines. And what I learned now is that the quality of the pages linking to your site, the age of your website, and the right use of keywords are just as important as the number of backlinks.

What this means is that from now on I’ll have to focus on getting my links on forums and blog comments. And that’ll be a lot more work. I’m not sure if it’s worth doing that for just an article on Hubpages or InfoBarrel.

Anyway, let’s get back to keyword research. Basically you go to the Google Keyword Tool and search for whatever you want to create content about. The trick is to find phrases that lots of people search for, like tens or hundreds of thousands, but with low competition and high cost per click. This way there will be a lot of potential visitors, a good chance to get a nice pagerank, and more earnings from AdSense. Also, it’s probably better to use long tail keywords of three or four words. Read more about it here:

Another thing I’m slowly starting to believe is that there’s a lot more money in affiliate marketing than AdSense. What I definitely plan to include in my web portfolio is a collection of niche blogs with links to products on Amazon, so I get a commission through Amazon associates. I wanted to promote information products (ebooks) from Clickbank first, but these are usually not so good, and people would more reluctant to buy them.

See you next time.

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