My first HubPages article is up

My first article on HubPages went online recently, and it’s been getting some traffic already. The article is called Introduction To Game Programming, as that is something I know a lot about.

It took me a few days to write the article, which is quite a long time. Too long, if you ask me. I’ll try to work faster in the future, and I’m hoping that it’ll be easier with practice. Anyway, publishing the article is only half the work. After I was done writing, editing and publishing it, I moved on to creating some backlinks, so that the article would get visitors. First, I submitted the link to an article directory. That’s simply a site where people can post a link to their blog posts, articles etc. You’ll find hundreds, or probably thousands of them on the internet. (I tried to find one with a good alexa rank.) If there are so many article directories, why did I only use one? Well, as I found out very soon after, that Google and other search engines don’t think very highly of them. Neither do humans it seems. Also, posting the link on too many pages at the same time might be bad for the pagerank, according to some sources. So the next day, I submitted it to StumbleUpon, and the day after that to Reddit. These two are the main sources of traffic so far, and I’ll see if I can find more.

Also, I’ve been experimenting with twitter. Believe it or not, I never used twitter before. We’ll see how that goes.

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