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I’m building my first niche website, and of course I had to do a lot of research before I even started. It’s not my first attempt – I already tried to make two of these in the past, but I gave up cause I didn’t really have a clue and didn’t do any market research. So now I found keywords that are searched for a lot but they’re not competitive. (I’m not gonna say what they are at this point.) Before I began, I wanted to see how other people made their niche blogs, so the niche site duel they have over at smart passive income was quite useful for that. The technical bits like setting up the blog and getting backlinks and traffic are nice, but the most difficult step for me was finding a niche that will work and that I find interesting. And that last part was very important to me. I had no idea what a possible topic for a niche website would be, so I compiled a list of those from the duel:

Niche Site Duel Niches:

XBox 360 Repair (-Guide)
Starcraft 2 guide
oil change coupons
learning to play guitar
P90X review
Security Guard Training
Diabetic shoes
Stop Snoring/Sleep Apnea
pua game
slideshow software
time lapse photography
kettlebell training/exercises
telemedicine companies
arizona bark scorpion
raw food juicing
frugal living

(I’m too lazy to link to them.)

Since my plan is to make money online without spending any (until I actually start making enough), my niche blog is hosted on free webspace and has a domain, which is also free. This might mean that it’ll never make any money, but we’ll see. I’m monetizing the site with amazon associate links and AdSense.

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The Importance of Keyword Research

I said in my last post that I’m looking into keyword research, so now I’m gonna explain here what I found so far. First of all, keyword research is a lot more important than I thought it was. I used to think that backlinks are way more important than anything else when it comes to search engine optimization and traffic. I focussed on building backlinks from social bookmarking sites and article directories without realizing that the visitors from these sites, should there ever be any, won’t really be interested in my content. I mean, do you go to these sites to learn something specific or get an answer? I don’t. I just google it. So that’s why pagerank is so important. You’re interested in organic traffic from search engines. And what I learned now is that the quality of the pages linking to your site, the age of your website, and the right use of keywords are just as important as the number of backlinks.

What this means is that from now on I’ll have to focus on getting my links on forums and blog comments. And that’ll be a lot more work. I’m not sure if it’s worth doing that for just an article on Hubpages or InfoBarrel.

Anyway, let’s get back to keyword research. Basically you go to the Google Keyword Tool and search for whatever you want to create content about. The trick is to find phrases that lots of people search for, like tens or hundreds of thousands, but with low competition and high cost per click. This way there will be a lot of potential visitors, a good chance to get a nice pagerank, and more earnings from AdSense. Also, it’s probably better to use long tail keywords of three or four words. Read more about it here:

Another thing I’m slowly starting to believe is that there’s a lot more money in affiliate marketing than AdSense. What I definitely plan to include in my web portfolio is a collection of niche blogs with links to products on Amazon, so I get a commission through Amazon associates. I wanted to promote information products (ebooks) from Clickbank first, but these are usually not so good, and people would more reluctant to buy them.

See you next time.

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October 2010 Update

CoinsI didn’t do as much as I would have liked to last month, but let me give you a status update. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve never used twitter before, so I made an account. I was surprised to see how many people start following me just like that. After my account went live, I subscribed to a few people who blog about passive income, and now I get new followers almost every day. That’s kinda cool.

My second Hubpages article went online. It’s about programming, so it’s related to my first one. It hasn’t been getting much traffic yet, and I’ll need to get a lot more backlinks it seems. My first article has only earned a few cents so far, and it’s not getting as much traffic anymore. But you have to see your articles as a long-term income generating asset. I only need to figure out a way to write a lot more articles in a lot less time. And I’ll also try and write them using some profitable keywords.

Another thing I did was writing my first InfoBarrel article. This is similar to HubPages, except that articles need to be approved before they publish them. I’ve included a link to one of my hubs, so hopefully they won’t mark that as spam.

Now I’m off to look into keyword research.


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My first HubPages article is up

My first article on HubPages went online recently, and it’s been getting some traffic already. The article is called Introduction To Game Programming, as that is something I know a lot about.

It took me a few days to write the article, which is quite a long time. Too long, if you ask me. I’ll try to work faster in the future, and I’m hoping that it’ll be easier with practice. Anyway, publishing the article is only half the work. After I was done writing, editing and publishing it, I moved on to creating some backlinks, so that the article would get visitors. First, I submitted the link to an article directory. That’s simply a site where people can post a link to their blog posts, articles etc. You’ll find hundreds, or probably thousands of them on the internet. (I tried to find one with a good alexa rank.) If there are so many article directories, why did I only use one? Well, as I found out very soon after, that Google and other search engines don’t think very highly of them. Neither do humans it seems. Also, posting the link on too many pages at the same time might be bad for the pagerank, according to some sources. So the next day, I submitted it to StumbleUpon, and the day after that to Reddit. These two are the main sources of traffic so far, and I’ll see if I can find more.

Also, I’ve been experimenting with twitter. Believe it or not, I never used twitter before. We’ll see how that goes.

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First Post


I found a couple of blogs about passive income registered here, and they all seem to have died after the first post. Hopefully this topic isn’t somehow cursed. Anyway, yes, I’m experimenting with ways of making money on the web. And yes, I will be using this blog to keep track of my progress.

As you can see in the title, my plan is to experiment with passive income. I want to try out as many methods as I can find, to build a collection of income generating assets on the internet. What I will stay away from are the ‘get rich quick’ offers you see all around the web. No, what I’m doing is researching what others do, see what works and what doesn’t, and try it for myself. You can’t skip the research, although many people would like to. Which must be why they buy ebooks or pay for memberships on websites that promise them a shortcut. I don’t actually intend to pay for anything I will be using. We’ll see how that goes…

What will I be doing? First, I will focus on creating content. Hopefully this will be of high quality. I will publish this content mainly on blogs and revenue-sharing article sites. While I’m doing that, I will continue to learn as much as I can about Search Engine Optimization, creating backlinks, getting more traffic, etc. What you see here is a place for me to share my results. I hope to get some useful comments along the way. See you around!

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